January, 2014

Welcome to the California Coalition of Local Control Accountability Plan Committee Members! We’re an informal group of volunteers from around the state of California who meet with our local school districts to help decide budget priorities as mandated by California state law. Sign up to find other active Committee Members!

We are not endorsed or authorized by the PTA, any district or county office of education, or the teachers’ union. We are an independent group of people who are serving on various LCAP Advisory Committees around the state, and we want to see this process be democratic, open, transparent, able to truly help shape budget priorities, and allow the people closest to the classrooms a say in how school funding gets spent.

We may post or link to materials from other organizations but that should never be seen as endorsement or authorization to speak for anyone but the individuals on the site.

This powerpoint from WestEd/the California State Board of Education helps explain what LCAP Advisory Committee members are tasked to do across our state.

We are parents, educators, community members, and students. State education staffers are also welcome.

We share information about best practices for Advisory Committee members, work to reduce silos, and promote the smooth functioning of what is meant to be an open, transparent, and democratic process. We use social media and other tools as part of the Civic Tech movement to ease in-person availability, information, regional, and language gaps and empower people who want to improve and strengthen public education.

Join us and stay informed!

Cynthia Liu

K-12 News Network



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