Ongoing Clarification of LCAP Parent Advisory Committee Best Practices

By Cynthia Liu

You should know that September 22, 2014 is the last day for public comment on the regulations surrounding parent and student input into the Local Control Accountability Plan. Here’s some background from a non-partisan state education budget watchdog: California Budget Project (

As past members of the various LCAP Parent Committees around the state, if you have any reflections on the process and suggestions for making the process more transparent, you can participate online at:

More background information:

You should also know that in Glendale Unified, at least, members of the LCAP parent advisory committee met once a week from about January 2014 onward to develop the LCAP and they did so in periodic larger group meetings with teacher and student advisory committees. Finally, representatives from parent, student, and teacher advisory committees presented their recommendations in unison to the school board. (This information plus written materials generated by the GUSD LCAP were supplied to South Pas USD LCAP parent advisory committee members over the summer.)

Given that best practices are evolving, we should consider what other peer school districts are doing in the 5-Star Coalition of which SPUSD is a part.

We should also try to identify best practices for large and small districts around the state.

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